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The Hewad Dost Group (HDG) is the most reliable fuel solution services provider and Construction suppliers in Afghanistan.

With a complex fuel network, owned transportation and fuel storage facilities throughout the country, we demonstrate our capability for daily meeting all fuel needs of our customers.


The Hewad Dost Group (HDG)is an Afghan owned and operated group of companies, with a strong commitment to western standards. HDG is committed to growth and reinvesting its rewards into Afghanistan. The HDG offers its Clients the best of both worlds - combining local knowledge and expertise with western best business practices.

Going forward, we will continue to invest and expand our operations, deepen our superb management team, our core businesses and partnerships. Ultimately the future of Afghanistan rests with its citizens and HDG is a prime example of the entrepreneurship drive to build Afghanistan stronger from the inside through Afghan efforts, dedication and investment that will set the example for generations to come. In our work capacity building involves direct training, formal supervisory sessions and special programs that train Afghans in internationally accepted standards. While others talk about capacity building – we practice it – every day because an educated workforce that is provided with the opportunity to reach its potential is quintessential to prosperity in the region and bringing about a free, secure, and democratic Afghanistan.